The Aftermath arrives for Homefront: The Revolution

Dambuster Studios have released the second planned DLC for Homefront: The Revolution today.

The Aftermath is set a few days after the Battle for Philadelphia with the rebellion struggling to stay  cohesive due to their leader being broken by the KPA. With Benjamin Walker now spouting propaganda for the enemy, the Resistance seems on the verge of collapse.

As Ethan Brady, players are tasked with taking down the former leader of the resistance, however Ethan goes against his orders and instead plots a rescue mission.


Available seperately at $5.99 or as part of the pass, this one promises to have plenty of action and adventure to keep us guessing.

The DLC also comes with a free Resistance Mode Mission – Uncle S.A.M, This is available to all players now as part of a major patch and sees the squad try to counter the KPA’s aerial assault by deploying S.A.M launchers.

On top of the all that, the recent patch has refined the Homefront experience, improving the games’ overall performance.

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