Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail DLC gets release date of June 28

The long awaited next expansion for Final Fantasy XIV is close at hand, as Dawntrail officially kicks off from June 28.

Announced during PAX East, the content comes one week after Elden Ring’s massive new expansion, with Yoshi P jokingly saying ‘You have one week’ with it.

June 28 is the early access for the content, with the full launch open to everyone from July 2. Pre-orders will open from March 26, providing early adopters with Azeyma’s earrings and a Zidane minion.

Yes, you read that right, Zidane. And this is the big story coming out of PAX as it seems this expansion is crossing over with Final Fantasy 9. Indeed, the Collector’s Edition also has a Wind-Up Garnet Minion.

The reasons, apparently, are secret, and for now Yoshi P is staying tight-lipped, but there have been a lot of rumours that Square is doing something with the PS1 classic. Perhaps this is the first signs of that marketing filtering through?

Regardless, we have a date for Dawntrail which is launching simultaneously now on PlayStation, PC and now Xbox from June 28. We’re really looking forward to the future of the series, especially with how much we enjoyed Costa Del Sol in Rebirth!

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