Deadpool Merc with a Map Pack now available

The potty-mouthed, Marvel loon has got his own game. Now he can finally say he has his own Map Pack. Deadpool Merc with a Map Pack is now available.


Formerly a preorder exclusive, for just £2.39, you can experience a whole new series of challenges and maps in the Deadpool universe.

This adds two new maps to Challenge mode.

In the words of Deadpool…

  • GRT Plaza: Mr. Sinister’s clone army has taken over, but I’m imposing a strict ‘no loitering’ ordinance.
  • Inside the Tower: Mr. Sinister’s goons are having a party in his new digs so I’ve decided to crash and give free bullets for everyone.

These maps can be played up to Infinite Mode and with the new content, Infinite Mode features two new form-fitting suits.

Again, in the words of Deadpool…

  • D-Pooly: Some looser threads to give my goods a rest from that chafing spandex.
  • Uncanny X-Force: Dark and slimming – the perfect accessory for a chimichanga binge.

The content apparently has a short life span. So uh, you should probably buy it…or something.


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