Final Fantasy XVI The Rising Tide DLC concludes Clive’s story on April 18

The conclusion to Clive’s story comes on April 18 with the final DLC for Final Fantays XVI.

The Rising Tide follows the previous DLC, Echoes of the Fallen, which launched in December, and is the second DLC available as part of the Expansion Pass.

Clive and the crew travel to Mysidia, a hidden land, and must rescue the Dominant of Leviathan.

The level cap has been raised to 60 in this DLC, or 110 in New Game +, and you will also be able to summon the Eikonic Abilities of Leviathan.

There’s also new end game battle content – Kairos Gate – which sees you fight wave after wave of enemies in 20 different stages.

Additionally, with the new location comes new enemies, including Tonberries in the Aire of Hours.

And if you pre-purchase The Rising Tide or Expansion Pass, you’ll get a new signature weapons The ‘Curtana’ as well as ‘Torn from the Heavens’ and ‘Through the Maelstrom’ Ochestrian Rolls.

The Rising Tide launches April 18 for Final Fantasy XVI, exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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