Aliens Colonial Marines: SweetFX and DX10 mods

Aliens: Colonial Marines is about to get the lighting and graphics it deserves.

Aliens: Colonial Marines has only just been released and the fanbase for the game isn’t exactly big right now. One of the main complaints is that the graphics for the game are well below par for the technology available. Thankfully, some modders have taken the task onboard for Gearbox and given the game a more than welcome graphical overhaul. Sadly, as with most mods, this is only for the PC version of the game. Xbox and PlayStation users will have to endure the fiendishly low textures until Gearbox take it upon themselves to do something about it.

SweetFX and DX10 are the mods in question. Let’s start by talking about SweetFX.

SweetFX has been used in a lot of different games. If you search the net, you can find versions for all types of new releases ranging from DmC to Dead Space 3.  Aliens: Colonial Marines is the latest game to utilize this mod. SweetFX basically adds a deeper colour saturation, sharpened texture filters, stronger shadows and even a faint blue gradient for outdoor areas. All of these effects combined allow for the game to be a lot more atmospheric. If you want to check out some more screenshots or download the mod, head over here.

vanilla3-610x343 copy

The second mod in question is the DX10 Grafik and Light mod. This basically enables DX10, meaning all sorts of gems are activated. Some of the more notable changes are MSAA, realistic shadow effects and realistic muzzle flashes. If you want to check out this mod, head over here.

In short, if you want a more realistic and atmospheric Aliens experience, it’s strongly advised you download these mods. Both combined will give you a more authentic experience of the universe and may actually create cause for you to catch a breath.

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