Anno 2070 Complete Edition released and contains all DLC

The futuristic strategy game Anno 2070 now has a ‘Complete Edition’ available to those in Europe and Australia. It is available for 40 of your British sterling on Steam and Ubisoft’s Uplay store.

The complete edition will bag you:

Exclusive premium content:

  • The complete Anno 2070 Soundtrack
  • The updated Tree of Technologies poster

Unlocked DLC content:

  • The Development Package (Mini-Campaign)
  • The Guardian Package (new buildings)
  • Eden Line Package (Ornamental buildings & decorations)
  • Central Statistical Package (new building skins)
  • Crisis Response Package (2 new missions)
  • Distrust Series Package (Ornamental buildings & decorations)
  • Silent Running Package (New Submarine vehicle and skins)
  • Ornamenals Nordamark (Buildings and skins)
  • Paket E.V.E (UI overhaul)
  • World Event “Free Eden”
  • World Event „The Nordamark Conflict“
  • World Event “Global Distrust”


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