Outlast: Bundle of Terror surprise launches on Switch with DLC

In an unexpected move, Outlast: Bundle of Terror from Red Barrels has appeared on the Switch eShop, offering the base game and Whistleblower DLC for £19.99.

There had been an official announcement for the game last year and it was said to release early 2018, but we didn’t have an exact date. Now we do. February seems to be a go-to month for the studio as that’s when Outlast first appeared on PS Plus back in February of 2014.

Interestingly, Outlast: Bundle of Terror hasn’t appeared on the NA store just yet, but we do know it’ll require 5.7GB of space.

Outlast is a survival horror where you’re basically on the run inside a massive abandoned Asylum. You’ll need to stay stealthy and hide from your more powerful enemies, while using some parkour and athleticism to keep out of their reach.

Switch is certainly filling up with horror games lately with the likes of Layers of Fear: Legacy and Hollow recently popping up on the store, and this is a massive drop for Nintendo this week. Though to be honest, it seems like we’re saying that every week!

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