Arma 3 singleplayer scenario coming this year

Shooter, Arma 3 will receive a singleplayer scenario codenamed ‘Old Man’ later this year.

Bohemia Interactive say it will come at no additional charge to those who own the Apex Expansion and in their own words say it is ‘an epilogue to the story in Arma 3’s The East Wind’ and ‘Apex Protocol’ campaigns’.

Arma 3 is ‘here to stay for at least several more years’ according to Bohemia and before the ‘Old Man’ expansion, there will also be an ‘Encore 1.84’ update in July which adds free new assets, such as the USS Liberty Destroyer Ship and Anti Radiation Missiles.

As for ‘Old Man’ it will take place in the ‘Tanoa terrain’ and will ‘experiment with more open-world gameplay’. It is expected in Q4.

Bohemia Interactive has also confirmed they will release third-party DLC in 2019, setting up relationships with external developers.

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