Borderlands 2 currently features 5 unique Vault Hunters. However, that’s about to change as Gearbox have hinted at a new, sixth character.


Borderlands 2 is far from stale, yet Gearbox have hinted at even more downloadable content for the looting and shooting success. This time, the DLC comes in the form of a new (yet blurry) Vault Hunter.

The new character was first announced at South By Southwest in Austin, via a new trailer. Right now there are no more details on the character, other than the basic backstory that is shown in the trailer. When more details for the Vault Hunter are released, we’ll be sure to report on them.

What we do know is that this DLC will not be part of the current season pass and will be a seperate download.

For now, the trailer can be checked out here:

(Source: Joystiq)