Borderlands 2 PC Patch Released. Weapon Fix being investigated

A bizarre weapon-set glitch has been affecting some Borderlands 2 players.

Never fear, Gearbox is here…

Randy Pitchford has gone on record to say the team are aware of several glitches and are looking to fix them as soon as possible.

The Gearbox forums have gone alight with people complaining guns are firing at odd angles, and some are shooting more bullets than they’re supposed to.

Randy replied to these complaints. “You guys are awesome. Constructive people are good. Science is good. As we have already proven, we’ll make adjustments when we’re sure things are wrong. We are likely to make more adjustments. We have top men working on this stuff. Top men.”

In addition to this, the PC version of Borderlands 2 has received a new patch. See the details below.

Update v1.3.1 (Released 1/9/2013)

  • Added support for text input using the gamepad for Steam’s Big Picture mode.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to sometimes get stuck in the “Whoops” mission of the Captain Scarlett DLC.
  • Deathtrap can no longer restore an enemy’s shields, even though it was hilarious.
  • Fixed a bug that caused off-hand weapons to sometimes deal improper damage while Gunzerking.
  • Addressed an issue where shotguns did not receive full damage boosts from skills and gear.

(Source: MP1st)

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