Diablo 3’s 1.0.8 Patch Aims To Improve Multiplayer

The latest patch for Diablo 3 aims to remind fans that playing with friends is always better than playing alone.

Multiplayer in Diablo 3 hasn’t been as popular as Blizzard would have hoped, so they’re addressing that in the latest patch. In patch 1.0.8, Blizzard aim to make the Multiplayer portion of the game a lot more streamlined, encouraging friends to create co-op groups to go questing in. 

That’s not all.  Here are some of the most notable changes in the patch:

  • Xp Buffs
  • Monster health reduced from 70% extra per player to around 50% per player
  • Private chat with up to 99 friends
  • “Players Near You” will list anyone on your local network
  • Notifications whenever a player deals or takes damage from an Elite Pack or Treasure Goblins
  • An handy Identify All button that will identify all the items in your inventory
  • Tags to let you specify Questing, Full Act Clear, Keywarden, or PvP based play for server matchmaking

At the moment, there is no official date for the patch, but it should be hitting the Public Test Realm before the final version goes live. If you want some more information regarding the patch check out the development blog. 

(Source: Pc Gamer)

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