Jagex Shock Players With Runescape 3 Announcement

Runescape has been a popular MMO for a very long time. However, with time, comes change.

Jagex have shocked fans of the Runescape series by announcing the third instalment in the popular MMO franchise. Runescape 3 aims to build on the 12 years of history that the game has already produced and improve it in each and every way.

Long time players of the game will be glad to know that their beloved avatar will be transferred straight into the new version of the game. Another thing to note is that existing players of the game will also not be required to create a new account to play, as that will also be carried over. How convenient.

The main change that Runescape 3 will bring to the table is graphical improvement. The game will now run in HTML5 and Web GL to ensure that graphic fidelity is maintained at all times. By utilising HTML5 and Web GL, Jagex will be able to produce a game that will run on both old and new computers at  a stable framerate, whilst still looking good.

So, here is the announcement itself:

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