League of Legends: Zaun Amorphous Experiment

Riot, in true fashion, have just teased players with a couple of images on both their Facebook account and forums…

As you probably know by now, League of Legends is damn popular. So, when new images like this get released it’s kind of a big thing:

These new images were posted to the League of Legends Facebook at around 10PM GMT on Thursday night. The two images were posted in an album titled “Zaun Amorphous Experiment” . In League of Legends lore, “Zaun” is a city-state that is home to champions that are already in the game such as Twitch, Dr. Mundo and Singed. However, as of now, no one really knows what the images detail, but the best guess is either it’s a new champion, or a new skin for one of the lore friendly champions. (i’m betting on the champion)

What do you guys think of this?

Update 1: Two new images have just been released providing us with details such as conductivity rating and more!

Update 2: Even more images have been released showing the new champion. As many players guessed there are even more hints of the champion being called Zac. Take a look at them here:

Update 3: Finally, the champion has been unveiled.



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