Nintendo Switch releases March 3, gets new details

The lift has finally been lifted on all things Nintendo Switch. Here’s everything you need to know.

Release Date

It comes out in Japan, NA, and EU on March 3rd. Much sooner than any of us expected.


It will cost $299.99 in the US, and £279.99 in the UK.

What do you get?

The launch package includes the console, 2 JoyCons, a Switch dock, and the necessary cables. There will also be an online network platform like Xbox Live Gold and Playstation Network. It will be free for the first few months, but will become a paid subscription service later this year. This will include a free VC game each month – NES or SNES. However, unlike PSN and XBG, you won’t be able to keep the game after the end of the month, rather you have to purchase it.

Will the console be Region Free?

Yes. You can buy games from Japan and NA and play them on an EU machine and vice versa. Awesome, isn’t it?

What format are games on?

They’ll be on cartridges, similar to those used for 3DS.

What’s the battery life like?

This still isn’t fully clear yet, but it’s said to vary between two and a half to six hours, depending on the game you play.

What kind of memory does the system have?

It comes with 32GB of onboard memory, but if you get Zelda on launch day you’ll be using up almost half of that space! Fortunately, it supports MicroSD memory cards to expand storage.

Share functionality?

Yep. You’ll be able to take screenshots and record gameplay that can be streamed on Twitch and uploaded to YouTube.

So what do the JoyCons do?

They come in grey, red, and blue colours and have a HD rumble feature, as well as a sensor which detects the shape of your hand.

Do you have to play using JoyCons?

There will also be a Pro Controller similar to ones seen on Wii and Wii U

What games will be available at launch?

Excitingly, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be out Day One. Switch already has a potential GOTY contender in its library from its very first day on sale.

You’ll also be able to get the reimagining of Constructor, Just Dance 2017, 1-2 Switch – which is a series of party games that show off the unique functionality of the JoyCons without using the TV screen – Super Bomberman R, and Skylanders Imaginators. More may be confirmed before release day.

Any other games confirmed?

Plenty. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will hit April 28th which adds all previously released DLC, as well as new characters and the option to carry two items instead of one. There’s also a fun JoyCon game called ARMS which is basically a beat-em-up similar to Wii Sports Boxing.

You’ll also see Splatoon 2 in the Summer, Fire Emblem Warriors, Pokemon Stars – rumoured to be a definitive edition of Pokemon Sun and Moon – Super Mario Odyssey – the first 3D Mario game since Galaxy – as well as Puyo, Puyo Tetris, LEGO City Undercover, Rime, Has Been Heroes, Disgaea 5, Sonic Mania, Skyrim Special Edition, NBA 2K18, and loads more.





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Readers Comments (3)

  1. I was sort of looking forward to this, but firstly having to pay for online access, then the – frankly insulting – offer of monthly games just made me roll my eyes hard. It’s compelling hardware, but they should be taking a page out of Valve’s book, not Sony/MS’s. Offer a great library of games at reasonable prices, and the services will pay for themselves. Most of the time the chat/matchmaking systems are peer-to-peer anyway!

    • I think there’s some things Nintendo have nailed with Switch. Little concerned about the way they’re handling the game per month angle – as you say – but I’m optimistic that will change over time, maybe even ahead of launch. Nintendo listen to fan feedback more than we often give them credit for and I believe lots of lessons have been learned from Wii / Wii U.

      A good package deal over Christmas with Mario/Zelda/Mario Kart could potentially sell truckloads though.

      • Nintendo seem to still rely too much on Japanese fan feedback, though. And it will be the death of them.

        The price for online was announced since this article, and it is quite a bit cheaper than others. I still feel that most online features shouldn’t be paid for, as they’re already taking a cut from digital sales. Steam has proven that even with online services free, you can roll in more money than you can spend.

        What I’d RATHER see, is something like Origin Access for Nintendo consoles. Monthly subscription to a games library that you continue to get until you stop paying. You could even have tiers, with extra paid for classic (8-bit, 16-bit, 64-bit) games, for example.

        Basically, I feel like Nintendo have their pricing all wrong. They’re charging £10 for 30-yo games tied to a specific console generation (if not specific console!) and it’s disgusting. Even if they sweetened the deal with a pledge that buying the game meant a guarantee that it would be available to you whatever future console you had as long as you used that account.


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