Soul Calibur VI DLC Haohmaru and Character Creation Set D now available

Soul Calibur VI now has new DLC, bringing Samurai Shodown favourite, Haohmaru into the mix.

For $5.99, you can add the master swordsman to your roster and play on the iconic Gariyu Isle stage.

Haohmaru has familiar moves such as the Power Slash at his disposal and can fight to the background music of ‘Tune of the Man – Dual Souls’.

Fourteen additional items can also be added through Character Creation, as well as 7 weapons, 4 titles and 6 battle comments.

DLC 10, meanwhile, is a bit cheaper at $3.99, and gives you 48 additional Character Creation items.

These include

  • 6 Extra Special Items
  • 6 Variations of existing armor pieces
  • 11 other Character Creation items
  • 14 Hit Effects
  • 11 Stickers

Both pieces of content are now available.

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Brad is an absolute horror buff and adores the new take on I.T. He also fancies himself as a bit of a Battle Royale master but never when anyone's watching.
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