Pixel Game Maker MV leaps onto Early Access July 24

PLAYISM and KADOKAWA Corporation’s Pixel Game Maker MV will arrive on Steam Early Access July 24.

Pixel Game Maker MV is a game creation system and a spin-off from RPG Maker. It has already been used to great effect in Japan, creating games such as Bike Dash Excite and Witch & 66 Mushrooms.

Pixel Game Maker MV is an entry level game creation software package that gives you the tools needed to build platformers, top-down action and shooting games. Apparently, you don’t need any programming skills or specialised knowledge to do it which is impressive!

That said, Pixel Game Maker MV supports JavaScript extensions for further experimentation and development.

What’s more Pixel Game Maker MV lets you use original materials and resources to create your own original games, so none of those pre-filled assets for generic experiences.

Pixel Game Maker MV will arrive on Early Access on July 24 where it will be regularly updated based on user feedback and suggestions. The final launch of Pixel Game Maker MV is expected later in the year.

There will be a 20% sale for Pixel Game Maker MV at launch at £54.39. The software will normally retail for £67.99. The price is also likely to increase once the Early Access period ends.