In Heart of Darkness, you will be exploiting Africa for all of its prosperity.

Paradox revealed the second expansion for Victoria II last week at PDXCon. Now they have announced all of the new features we can expect in the DLC package.

Here is the list itself:

  • New Colonization System – This allows for things which were once minor disputes to escalate into huge crises. 
  • New Naval System – Gun ranges and positioning and more ship variants make up the new naval system. This should make naval warfare that bit more exciting.
  • International Crises – This will force both greater and smaller powers to make extreme decisions that will effect there power.
  • A newspaper system – This will allow you to track important events in your game world instead of relying on the in-game log. There will be over 60 newspapers to choose from.

If all of this seems to tickle the strategy lover inside of you, don’t worry. The DLC pack will be coming to PC as early as March.

Victoria 2 is out now