War for the Overworld Final DLC Expansion The Under Games releases April 20

As War for the Overworld turns three this month, so the game is set to receive its final major expansion, The Under Games, on April 20.

The Under Games is the fourth expansion for the game and coincides with the biggest release of the content for the game since launch.

For starters, the main campaign has been remastered to include cinematic cutscenes, new terrain themes, rebalanced levels and even improved tutorials.

You’ve got a much improved map editior which includes requests from fans, more Steam Workshop content, additional game modes for skirmish and multiplayer.

On top of that there are Sanguine and Snowy terrain themes, a new sacrifice ritual, and tons of polish. It’s almost like having a brand new game.

Of course, The Under Games releases at the same time for £7.19 and includes a huge new 7 level campaign that is designed to be replayable with five new difficulties. There are also lots of new minions, defenses, spells and potions. You even have 2 new game modes to play around with.

And the best part is all of this is intended to future proof the game with the community having more control over content than ever with additional tools. Then there’s the new tweaks and changes which are sure to bring back players and introduce new ones.

We love seeing stuff like this. Brightrock Games look to have smashed it out of the park with this update and we can’t wait to learn even more.


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