Ace of Spades goes classic. Motorhead has nothing to do with it

Jagex, the same people who bought you the popular F2P MMO, Runescape, are about to save your wallets yet again by providing you free DLC for their equally popular game, Ace Of Spades.

Classic mode is free DLC already available to everyone who owns a copy of the Ace Of Spades game. It aims to give long term players a nostalgic feeling, as it introduces popular features of the alpha build back into the full retail release.

The DLC adds a bounty of five maps, one of which is user created.

The full details of the DLC are as follows:

  • New Maps – 5 new maps have been added to the game one of which is user created.
  • New Classic Specific Class – An updated version of the single character class that was originally in the classic version of the game.
  • Traditional Gameplay – With the new DLC, classic gamemodes are bought back and the Trench Warfare theme is re-implemented.

Again, to get your hands on this wealth of new content, head over to Steam, pick up the game for the low price of £6.99 and the content should automatically download for no additional charge.


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Aaron Lapper is primarily a PC gamer but has experience with every type of modern day console. Most of the time you'll find him lurking around on Steam playing League Of Legends or any RPG he can get his hands on.
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