Last-minute Revolution details grind us to a halt. New Turned Details.

The first major content pack of the year releases tomorrow and to get your blood pumping, some exclusive gameplay footage from one of the new maps has been released.

In addition to game footage, the One of Swords blog from Dan Amrich is a very interesting, in-depth read about all the new maps, so we definitely reccomend checking it out.

We’ve also learned a bit more about the new ‘Turned’ game mode. There will be three zombies pitted against one human. The zombies will chase the lone human all over the  map, and the winner is the human that can survive the longest in a five minute time period. The human will either  be equipped with a shotgun or an array of weapons in a reverse gun game configuration. Power-ups will also drop from time-to-time to help them out.

According to Dan, this is a very quick mode, and can be over in seconds. Unsurprisingly, the key to survival is to run…

Die Rise, the new Zombies map, will also include some interesting extras, such as an elevator and no ceiling. Just from that alone, we can already envisage some pretty intense, heart-pounding situations.

Here’s a video of the new ‘Grind’ map in action. At this point, we’re half expecting Activision to equip Tony Hawk with an AK47 and bundle him in the game as costume-pack DLC. 

Stranger things have happened…

In regards to when PS3/PC owners can expect Revolution, David Vonderhaar responded to questions on Twitter about how long the Xbox 360 exclusivity agreement will last. He replied, saying that ‘traditionally, it’s been 30 days’ Although, they have no firm release date to announce at this point.

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 (Source: One of Swords)


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