Alan Wake 2 gets post launch The Final Draft New Game + and Photo Mode, New DLC Details

Alan Wake 2 is out now and it’s incredible, ruffling feathers of a few games who thought GOTY conversations were over.

Our full review will follow very soon, but in the meantime we’ve got a lot of news to share about the game’s post launch activity, including free updates and premium DLC.

In about a month’s time, a New Game + mode – entitled ‘Final Draft’ – will launch for the game as a free update. In this update, you’ll get the following perks and benefits.

  • Retain all unlocked weapons, Charms and Words of Power upgrades
  • New Nightmare difficulty level
  • New alternative narrative including six new Manuscript pages and new video content in specific TVs in the Dark Place…
  • A few other surprises…

There will also be a Photo Mode, launching at a later date, but as we know Alan Wake 2 also has two premium DLCs coming in the future.

The first, Night Springs, will launch in the first half of 2024, and will see you play as ‘several familiar characters from the world of Alan Wake’ in ‘multiple self-contained episodes of Night Springs’.  as ‘Fiction is written and coming true’.

This one sounds absolutely fantastic but so does Expansion 2 – The Lake House, which sees you return to Cauldron Lake and The Lake House, exploring it once again as the story of Alan Wake and Saga Anderson continues.

The future sounds very bright for Remedy and Alan Wake with content taking us right through 2024.

Alan Wake 2 is out now on PC, PS5 and Xbox.

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