Alani comes to Battleborn on May 31

The new Eldrid support character, Alani, will officially arrive in Battleborne on May 31st. However, she can be played in Early Access right NOW.

Alani is the first of five free characters coming to the game post-launch.

She’s the last of her kind from the planet, Akopos, a world of water. As such, she has the ability to manipulate the water, using it as both a healing breeze and curer of other ailments.

Alani’s abilities include ‘Torrent’, which lets her hurl water bolts to damage enemies.

‘Well Spring’ – A healing spirit.

‘Riptide’ – A pushing force that also hastens ally speed.

‘Geyser’ – Which knocks enemies into the air, damaging, and binding them.

‘Emergence’ – Amani summons a water dragon that damages everything nearby.

She also has a Passive ability called Osmosis where her healing abilities swell and recede like the tide. Landing successful hits with this stacks three times and improves the competency of the Wellspring.

Here’s a video showing an overview of Alani’s skills…

You can also see a full Let’s Play with the developers and get a feel for Alani in action.

Early Access has now begun for Digital Deluxe and Season Pass holders, as well as those who played in the Open Beta on PS4. and builds into her official release on May 31.

There’s a $20-off sale of Battleborn on the 2K store right now to celebrate. We also have an early glimpse of the next character coming to Battleborn, Pendles.



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