Alien Spidy gets two new DLC packs

Alien Spiders are not your friends. They’re terrifying, frightening creatures that are more horrifying than anything we have on this planet. They just have to be, right?

Although, this little fella is kinda cute and snuggly, and you just want to dress him up in dinky costumes. D’awww.

Well, you can’t do that, but you can play more of his game with two new content packs.

Easy Breezy and Between a Rock and a Half Place are now available on Steam and both play at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Easy Breezy unlocks 3 challenging Special levels. Hard, because it’s incredibly difficult to collect all the stars at once. Easy because…well…it’s a breeze to get through the level.

The new levels are Go Down – Forest, Open Water – Ponds and Power up One Shot – Caves.

There’s a large number of power-ups but there is no help from re-spawn checkpoints.

This one is available here for £1.49

Meanwhile, Rock and a Hard Place is…well, more of a challenge.

These are really challenging, special levels, where the smallest mistake will take Alien Spidy right back to the start.

Players will also be dropped straight into an underwater cave where speed and reflexes will be key to survival.

With wind tunnels, floating spores and stalactites, there’s plenty of challenges awaiting are 8-legged mutant.

This content can be grabbed here, again for £1.49


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