Tropico 4 Voodoo DLC pops up on Steam

A new DLC has been released for tropical island sim, Tropico 4, and it’s centered around voodoo.

The last remaining voodoo priest has died on the island and a new threat has risen. An evil sorceress, Vanya, has arrived from Soviet Russia to curse the President and his regime.

It’s down to you to work out what Voodoo is and how it can be used to benefit, thanks to the introduction of a new Voodoo Manor luxury tourist attraction which can now be built.

Folk will also require less healthcare if the player is dressed as a Witch Doctor, and does a spot of rain dancer and jiggling around.

Inspire folk by wearing a Witch Doctor costume and couple it with a new voodoo trait that will enable people to survive, even if they have terrible healthcare.

Finally, there’s a new mission where players must create an El Presidente voodoo doll in order to contain the curse. Reminds us a bit of Largo’s embargo in Le Chucks Revenge.

All sounds a bit interesting.

You can download it here for £3.49

The good news is that Tropico 4 is also now available for Mac as of this week.

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