All You Need To Know About The Last of Us Part II and Pre-Order Bonus DLC

The Last of Us Part II is just around the corner and there’s a few different editions to choose from.

When The Last of Us Part 2 releases June 19th, you will have the option of picking up a Physical or Digital Standard Edition, Special Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, Collector’s and Ellie Edition.

Pre-ordering will give you two in-game items – an Ammo Capacity Upgrade and a Crafting Training Manual.

Standard Edition

This is the base physical or digital edition of the game, which comes included with the pre-order incentives and an exclusive digital avatar usable on your PS4. This costs $60.

Special Edition

The Special Edition includes the base game and pre-order bonuses, but also includes 6 additional PSN avatars and a dynamic theme.

You’ll also get a collectable steelbook and a 48 page mini art book, put together by Dark Horse, and costs $80.

Digital Deluxe Edition

The Digital Deluxe Edition provides all the digital bonuses, 6 PSN Avatars, as well as a digital version of the physical art book.

This version, however, also includes a digital soundtrack for the game and goes for $70.

Collector’s Edition

Now this edition is pretty incredible. As well as everything else so far, you’ll get a set of six enamel pins, a lithograph art print, and set of five stickers.

The selling point of this edition has to be the incredible 12″ Ellie statue, though, and the life-sized replica of Ellie’s bracelet. Stunning! It normally retails for $170.

Ellie Edition

Here’s the big one! The Ellie Edition includes everything else so far, as well a 7″ Vinyl Record with the OST, an Embroidered Patch, and a recreation of Ellie’s Backpack.

This one goes for $230 but is absolutely a collector’s dream.

Which one are you picking up?

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