Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise DLC arrives November 5

Some big news came out of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct earlier today, including the game’s first paid DLC.

Happy Home Paradise marks a new beginning for the game and releases on November 5th, alongside the final free update for New Horizons bringing it up to version 2.0.

Costing £22.49/$24.99, you’ll be able to design Holiday homes for Lottie’s Paradise Planning as a job and gain access to a huge range of customisation, such as lighting changes, adjustments to the surrounding land, and even the sounds around the area and changing the season.

You can even build hospitals and restaurants, and eventually bring all of your work and tools back to your own island. Even more excitingly, you can even redesign your neighbour’s homes.

What’s more, if you’re intending to get Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, you’ll get the DLC at no extra cost as part of the new subscription package.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise releases on November 5th on Nintendo Switch

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