Anthem 1.3 Cataclysm is finally here and it’s huge

It feels like we’ve been talking about Anthem’s Cataclysm content for a while and today EA have randomly dropped it.

Despite the wealth of new features in addition to the end game content, though, EA have released it with barely a whisper.

Cataclysm itself features a season-long event, including a new mode that focuses on teamwork with players using various modifiers to build a high score.

It’s a story-driven adventure which can be played at any point and sees you compete against extreme weather conditions and close temporal rifts.

Crystals have also been added as a currency and are gathered as mission and challenge rewards that can then be used to buy cosmetics and war chests.

The update also rebalances several weapons and features, introduces new enemies, and extra Story missions.

It’s the biggest Anthem update since launch but is it enough to turn the game’s fortunes around. That remains to be seen.

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