The Banner Saga 2 update 2 fixes memory leak and flickering character issues

The Banner Saga 2 has received its second major update. Among other things, this fixes the games’ memory leak issues, as well as problems with flickering characters.

You can now also Skip Tutorials, as well as see injured units in the Match Resolution wrap-up.

Here’s the full changelog.

  • Changed: Match Resolution summary now shows injured units in the wrap-up. This shows up in a ‘Consequences’ section
  • Changed: Prevent duplicate items from appearing in markets when your caravan already has the item.
  • Changed: During intro tutorial, the pause/options menu has a button to SKIP TUTORIAL
  • Changed: Reduced game executable size, slightly improving startup time
  • Changed: Change caption of ‘Assemble your Heroes’ page so simply ‘Heroes’
  • Fixed: The memory leak related flickering-character issue
  • Fixed: More minor memory leaks to improve stability during long play sessions
  • Fixed: Unable to unlock Fighting Force achievement upon meeting criteria
  • Fixed: Placeholder text when Stonesinger Ally appears in Chapter 13
  • Fixed: sav_finale_2 was not saving at the end of the game in some cases
  • Fixed: Typo corrections to several conversations
  • Fixed: Assemble Heroes screen returning to view briefly during the loading of some battles
  • Fixed: Kragswoman Skystriker (kragsman_02) blinking out at end of Rain of Arrows animation
  • Fixed: Master Tactician achievement not unlocking after completing a sparring battle with six rank 10 units
  • Fixed: Killing 3rd consecutive enemy using Cull the Weak on last enemy not completing the Objective
  • Fixed: Nid and Oddleif’s activities in the Arberrang gate fight should be less error prone.

The Banner Saga 2 is out now on PC and will arrive on consoles on July 26th.

Have you tried the update? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below.

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