Battlefield One They Shall Not Pass set to arrive in March 2017

The next Battlefield One DLC is expected in March and seems to have a rumoured title of They Shall Not Pass.

The paid DLC will feature four new maps, as well as a brand new game mode, comparable to Call of Duty’s War mode.

The new maps – Verdun Heights, Fort Vaux, Soissons, and Rupture – focus on various engagements during the war and each look absolutely stunning in their own way.

Verdun Heights is, naturally, based on the Battle of Verdun which featured massive forest fires. This makes use of hills and high ground as much lower levels and seems like a great bet for domination contests where artillery is used for ranged attacks.

Fort Vaux is an indoor fort full of mazes and corridors, ripe for close quarter battle, while Soissons emphasises the massive tank battles of World War 1 and is primed for vehicular warfare.

Finally, Rupture is a battle of bridges which presents plenty of opportunities for ambushes.

Meanwhile, the new Frontlines game mode combines both Conquest and Rush by having teams fight for chained control points in tug-of-war fashion. Each team will have a flag at all times and must capture objectives in order to move onto the next.

No locked down release date for this as yet, but the screenshots look stunning!

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