Blasphemous: The Stir of Dawn is a free DLC releasing August 4th

Blasphemous is an excellent platformer with a steep difficulty curve that slipped under some people’s radar.

It’s like a 2.5D Dark Souls, but is also a real throwback to classic 2.5D platformers of old like Leander and Shadow of the Beast.

And, excitingly, Team 17 and The Game Kitchen have confirmed it’s getting some free DLC in just a few weeks time.

Stir of Dawn will be a free update for all players that adds a ton of new features, including New Game +, new storylines, items, balance changes, and an optional Three Penitence system.

This is an absolutely massive update with some incredible additions that adds a ton of replayability.

And it’s absolutely free, making this great game even more essential. You can even pet the dog.

Stir of Dawn is available for Blasphemous on all formats from August 4th.

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