Borderlands 2 Gets More Hotfixes

As of today, a new Hot Fix pack will be applied to Borderlands 2.

New Hot Fixes are about to be pushed out for Borderlands 2 and luckily, they will be put on every platform. Here is a list of what’s going to be changed:

  • The “Surprise!” challenge is now immediately visible and no longer hidden.
  • Addressed some instances where Booster and Adaptive shield sound effects would not properly trigger.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Evolution’ shield could incorrectly list a Recharge Delay of 0.00 seconds.
  • PC: Item of the Day can now be selected via mouse in Seraph and Torgue vending machines.

To get the fixes, it’s as simple as having your device connected to the internet, booting up the game and pressing the start button when requested. As always, these updates are not permanent until the full update. However, they will be applied to the game and then lost upon exiting Borderlands 2.

For more info on the Hot Fixes, check out the Gearbox website.


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