Borderlands 2 Luck of the Zafords Weekend

This weekend, Borderlands 2 players will get a makeover thanks to our Irish friends, the Zafords.

From March 14th, the Zaford clan will be taking a break from their  bandit family to celebrate good fortune. Due to the luck of the Irish, Vault Hunters around the world will see increased drop rates for the whole weekend. Not only that, but for you Absorb shield fans, the chance of bullet absorption will be increased. Oh, the Booster shields will also spit out a few more boosters when you’re damaged.

Now that’s the luck of the Irish.

One last thing that the Zaford have created for this event are some dandy green suits for all Vault Hunters and, of-course, a matching SMG. Here are the shift codes:

PC / Mac Zaford Gear SHiFT Code: KTCBJ-C9RTC-BSFTJ-33TT3-FBWHF
Xbox 360 Zaford Gear SHiFT Code: KJCJ3-RCWC6-5K9BF-WFBT3-3WFKK
PlayStation 3 Zaford Gear SHiFT Code: CTK3B-99K3J-XXKW3-ZTWTJ-HJH5J

Luck doesn’t last long, though, so take advantage of all of these goodies because come March 17th, it’ll all be stripped away from you. What? Zafords have a war to tend to.

Damn Hodunks.


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