Cities: Skylines gets a taste for Parklife and Radio Stations with new DLC

Cities Skylines has two major expansions now available on consoles with the release of Parklife and Radio Station 2 DLC.

Gain two new radio stations with the first piece of content, one for Country music fans and the other Jazz.

For £6.49 you can add Country Road Radio and All That Jazz to Cities: Skylines, each featuring various sub-genres.

Country Road Radio has 16 original songs, while Jazz Boatman returns as DJ with another 16 original pieces.

Meanwhile Parklife is a more content-driven piece for £11.99 which adds a new park area tool and level up features that let you build areas brick by brick.

This includes Policies, service buildings, amusement parks and sightseeing bus tours.

Both pieces of content are out now.

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