Ash Cap Pikachu returns to Pokémon GO with new photobombing event

The snapshot feature in Pokémon GO is being explored further with a limited time Ash Ketchum event starting midnight local time.

Previously, Smeargle was the only one who would appear when taking photos of your monsters, giving you an opportunity to catch the mischievous doggo.

But from midnight tonight, you’ll once again be able to catch Ash Cap Pikachu which hasn’t been seen in the game in almost a year.

When using GO Snapshot, either Ash Ketchum or the Ash Cap Pikachu itself can photobomb your pictures. This can only be done 5 times.

If either of them do, Ash Cap Pikachu will spawn at your feet when in the game, prompting you to catch it and add to your collection.

We don’t know how long this event will run.

(Via Serebii)

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