Civilization VI New Frontier Pass continues with DLC 4 The Babylon Pack

The fourth DLC for Civilization VI has been announced and will release on November 19th across all formats.

Entitled The Babylon Pack, players will get to play as Hammurabi of Babylon, the sixth king of the First Babylonian Dynasty.


Hammurabi has a ‘Enuma Anu Enlil’ ability which ‘makes Eurekas provide full Science bonus towards technologies’. He also has a ‘Ninu Ilu Sirum’ skill which lets him construct the ‘lowest Production cost building in each specialty district for free for the first time that district is built’.

There’s a unique unit as well – Sabum Kibittum – which is a meel unit that has increased movement and sight, and a unique building – the Plagum – which is a Watermill replacement which increases food generation and has additional Production and Housing.

The New Frontier Pass is available for £32.99  and each pack is delivered on a bimonthly basis until March 2021, costing £3.99 each.

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