Control Season Pass Review

The Control Season Pass is finally complete, but does its ambition ultimately fall flat?

What’s inside the Control Season Pass?

How do you access it?

Once installed, the two Expansions are unlocked and can be played when you’ve beaten the game.

Isolation is a side mission that can be played at any point.

What does it add to the game?

  • The Foundation adds new story content, side missions, additional weapons, and mods
  • AWE adds new story content, side missions, additional weapons, and mods.
  • Isolation is a new side mission that’s added to the game

How much does it all cost?

What we thought?

The Foundation

The Foundation has some exciting revelations which make it an essential play for Control fans and it really does get us in the mood for the game’s second DLC – AWE.

Sadly, though, it’s not all plain sailing, occasionally drawing attention to the worst of Control rather than the best of it.

7 out of 10


There’s no question – what Remedy are pitching us is incredibly ambitious. They’re looking to tie their past games together and put them under the same roof. It’s never really been done before, and considering the complex worlds they build and the scope of each game, to even consider something like this is pretty audacious.

And yet, AWE has given them a gateway. It’s given us all a glimpse as to how it might be possible and provided a new starting point for Remedy’s bold future. In some ways, you might even see the ending of AWE as a soft announcement of their next major project. But it’s more than that because this DLC gives them the context needed to do exactly that, while surely sowing the seeds for even more projects further down the line.

Because of that, AWE could well be the most important DLC of this, or any other generation.

8 out of 10


This Season Pass is essential for Control owners, opening up even more secrets about The Oldest House, throwing in new mechanics, and paving the way for Remedy’s big, bold, and bright future. Plus it finally continues Alan Wake’s story over eight years later.

Just make sure to get the Control Ultimate Edition. And maybe wait to play it on next-gen systems.


+ Explains one of the base game’s biggest mysteries
+ Beautifully crosses over with a legendary gaming franchise
+ Some intriguing new mods and weapons, with a few cool gameplay additions


– Bad Performance issues on PS4
– No standout moments to equal or top The Ashtray Maze

Control Season Pass

7.5 out of 10

Tested on PS4

Code provided by the publisher

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