Borderlands 3 getting four player split-screen and a free next-gen upgrade for PS5 / Xbox Series X

2K have announced that Borderlands 3 is coming to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

And the good news is, if you own the game on either PS4 or Xbox One, you’ll get a free upgrade to the next gen version.

That means all of your content will carry across – including save files – and you’ll be able to play next gen versions at 60 FPS at 4K Resolution.

That’s not all, though, as vertical splitscreen is coming in for two players via a free patch – and this will also be playable on current gen systems.

Next Gen players, meanwhile, will also be able to play four player split-screen for the first time!

Borderlands 3 is also due to receive further additional add-on content this year, and among other things there will be one new skill tree for each Vault Hunter, as well as a new game mode.

The FL4K skill tree was briefly shown off during the Gearbox PAX Showcase, which includes a new Action Skill and pet option.

There’s even suggestion that crossplay could be coming to Borderlands 3 next year!

More news as we get it.

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