Controversial Trace Charm Change prompts Wizards Unite Community backlash

In the past few days, WB Games have made a controversial change to Wizards Unite and the community isn’t happy.

Following the recent addition of charms to the game, kickstarting Year 2, fans have been enjoying one of the charms in particular.

Trace charms, which can be levelled up and developed through the games new SOS Training give players the power to benefit from multiple spawns of similar severity.

For example, if a Ministry Newt appears on your screen, you could drag your charm onto it in the overworld and benefit from several Emergency spawns from another family. This boost would also give you another Ministry Newt spawn and, if caught, would see you earn 4 fragments instead of 2. This has been present in the game since mid-July.

However, on Thursday evening, WB Games quietly implemented a fix which nerfed the benefits of the charm and instead of producing multiple foundables of a similar severity, you now get a random mix of foundables appear on your screen.

Word quickly spread and people put the question to WB Games, which prompted a full statement. Basically, WB Games said this was a glitch that’s been present in the game since the launch of SOS Training and should never have worked this way.

This unintended bug caused the Trace Charm to reveal repeats of the same revealed Traces instead of revealing various Traces of differing threat levels. Of the Traces revealed, a minimum of one Trace should be of an equal or higher threat than the original Charmed Trace.

Now, according to WB Games, the Trace Charm is working as originally intended and this has been done to “maintain a balanced progression in the game”

Essentially, WB Games are concerned that, in its previous form, it would allow people to sprint through the content of the game faster than they can produce new content.

As expected, this didn’t go down well, with many people calling this a ‘downgrade’, others launching and adding their names to petitions, and some even calling for a boycott of the game on September 8th.

Many are also frustrated that they’ve invested resources in-game into a feature that no longer works as it once did. This is backed up by comments from WB Games, who had previously stated ‘there will be no changes to the SOS Training mechanics or node bonuses.’.

Almost immediately following this announcement, the team announced a Dragon Week which has been one of the most requested additions since the launch of the game and it drops next week. This will see all four dragons available globally for the very first time.

The announcement has seen other events shift dates slightly and has been done to give the team time to prepare the 2.15 Game Update, which is rumoured to have more new features.

The updated calendar of events for September can be seen below. (Credit to Orange Wizard)


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