Daedalic sign Multiplayer Hide & Seek game Witch It, new content and console versions to follow

Daedalic have signed their first ever multiplayer game from Barrel Roll Games, Witch It.

Following a successful run on Steam Early Access, selling over 100,000 units, Witch It sees you play as a group of Hunters vs a group of Witches. Players take turns to play both sides and as witches use different tactics to hide, like turning into plant pots and cheese, or hiding in a barrel.

There are three modes, including Hide & Seek, where hunters have to find all witches to win, Mobification where caught witches turn into hunters, and Hunt a Hag where skills are disabled for both teams and hunters can only use melee weapons.

While it follows familiar multiplayer conventions, it definitely has the creative spark that would be attractive to adventure game specialists, Daedalic, and makes for an exciting fit.


Daedalic are tasked with growing the international audience of the game, as well as releasing it on PS4 and Xbox One.

Carsten Fichtelmann, CEO and Daedalic founder says, ‘Adding multiplayer games to our portfolio is a critical part of our growth strategy. Publishing Witch It is an important step for us to build and grow a business around games as a service.”

Christoph Rienacker, CEO of Barrel Roll Games says. “We will benefit from the experience and manpower Daedalic brings. Self-publishing the game was a big challenge and we are happy to have someone at our side now, who can help with global marketing and distribution. We are now going to focus again on optimizing the game, on creating additional content, and we’ll be working on the console versions.”

Witch It is now available on Steam Early Access with Very Positive review scores. You can get it for £10.99

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