Dead by Daylight Demise of the Faithful DLC introduces us to the Plague

The next Dead by Daylight Chapter XI is Demise of the Faithful and it gives us another female killer afflicted by the plague.

Releasing this month, The Plague will be able to poison new survivor, Jane Romero, while then taking the opportunity to escape.

The Plague seems to have half a burned face, mostly concealed by a mask, and holds a chain with the ornament dangling off from it, presumably with the poison in it. The suggestion is this killer has some form of religious background.

The new map to be added is called The Temple of Purgation with the latest trailer suggesting it might be an indoor area.

The news comes after the announcement Dead by Daylight will release on Switch this Spring.

Demise of the Faithful releases later this month on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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