Deathloop to get free DLC skins at launch

Deathloop is coming to PS5 on September 14th and there’s already some DLC coming with the game at launch.

These include a skin for Colt known as ‘Etherealist Colt’, as well as a gun called ‘Ever After’ Strelak Verso.

The Strelak Verso is a set of handguns, guns akimbo which create a burst-fire effect, while the Etherealist Colt skin offers a helmet, glasses and a thick brown jacket over a wool jumper.

You can pick it up by joining the Arkane Outsiders programe via the Deathloop website.

No word on further post launch content but we’ll report here as soon as we know more.

Deathloop is a PS5 console exclusive and is also coming to PC.

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