Destiny 2 Year 10 begins with Echoes, the first phase of The Final Shape DLC

Destiny 2 is somehow a decade old and is finally approaching the finish line with The Final Shape.

The year in progress has kicked into gear with the first episode – entitled Echoes. There will be three episodes throughout the course of the year, bringing the Light and Darkness saga to a conclusion.

Episode 2 will be known as Revenant and Episode 3 is called Heresy. Each brings fan favourite characters, enemies, and locations into the game.

In terms of what the future holds, Bungie will be working on a project Codename: Frontiers. Whether that ends up being Destiny 3 remains to be seen.

Each of the episodes, including Echoes, will feature three acts, spanning six weeks in length, with Act 2 of Echoes launching on July 16 and Act 3 hitting August 27. All acts contain new activities and missions, armor and weapons.

In Echoes Act 1, players will be able to try out a new three player Breach Executable activity.

Echoes Act 1 launches today. Destiny 2: The Final Shape is out now across all platforms.

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