Rated Gold Superstar DLC Pack brings Adam Copeland to AEW Fight Forever

The former Edge is coming to AEW Fight Forever in a brand new DLC pack.

The Rated Gold Superstar DLC pack is now available in the second installment of Season 4 for $9.99. It adds The Rated R Superstar Adam Copeland – former TNT Champion – as well as an all-new Haunted Forest Fright Forever map, 30 new skins and seven new wrestling moves including finishers and taunts.


The Rated Gold Superstar pack is available across all formats and is part of the AEW: Fight Forever Season Pass 4 or the AEW Fight Forever Ultimate Edition.

Season Pass 4 includes 3 additional wrestlers, two new maps, new tournament mode, 52 new skin and attires, 5 new music tracks, and 30 move-sets.

If you haven’t tried AEW Fight Forever yet, it’s available to PlayStation Plus players as the game of the month through until July 2nd.

Check out all of Season Pass 4 in the trailer below.

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