Destiny – Final Verdict

Format – PS4

Version: 1.02

For a more dynamic view of our time with the game, take a look at our real-time updates As We Play.


So, now we’ve had plenty of the time with the game – sinking some 30+ hours – we feel ready to make a judgement. Does Destiny live up to the hype?

Rolling a Hunter, away we went, from Earth, to the Moon, through Venus and onto Mars. Destiny is a journey through familiar locations, yet everything feels fresh and bright. Destiny is absolutely glorious and beautiful to behold. The wasteland-esque visuals still seem to gleam and glisten. From the opening moments, the game is absolutely beautiful and vibrant.


But Destiny’s hook is how dynamic it all feels. The idea of multiplayer has undergone a real twist here. All the drop-in, drop-out action makes it easy for you to buddy up with friends and strangers and keep the action going at all times. Though Strike missions and firefight teams are as much catered to appeasing the individual as rewarding team work. Everyone receives unique rewards at a mission’s conclusion, each of them different dependent on the extent of your involvement. Something Bungie haven’t quite captured yet is the feeling of a unit, and also the balance of the rewards is – frankly – outrageous. You can get the same reward for beating an early level that you do for beating a high-level Strike. You can be earning armour way below your ability levels deep into the game, which makes zero sense. I also feel that the lack of splitscreen co-op is a foolish oversight that could have helped keep teams together and create more of a ‘unit’ feel to Strike teams. Playing Destiny through, I really don’t understand why Bungie failed to include it.

While many people complained about Dinklage’s voice acting – I can’t say I found any specific issues with it -some of the line delivery across the board felt a bit off. In turn, the narrative seems confused, and at times, directionless. It’s not always clear what the aim is, or why one objective links into another. Odd, considering there is so much creativity in this world, that Bungie don’t really seem to know how to articulate a gripping story. It’s certainly not as dramatic and powerful as their previous offerings with the Master Chief.

Yet there is a kind of Halo 1 feel to Destiny. Long, drawn out levels against waves of unknown enemies. Unique species with different properties which force you to adapt your fighting tactics, and there is a feeling throughout that a scene is being set for something bigger, something more. I can’t help but feel that Destiny was created solely to introduce and ease us into this world and the style of play, so that when we get to Destiny 2, we’ll see the full picture.


But that’s not to say it’s a bad game, far from it. I’m hooked on Destiny. I can’t stop thinking about it or wanting to play it. Each time I delve into the Crucible and get into a game of Control or Clash, I find myself enjoying the mode all the more. I like the way everything blends together. I love being able to PVP one minute, then go patrolling and earning some XP on the Moon the next. I can take any weapons and armour I pick up in the game and use them on the battlefield. That adds a whole other layer of strategy and style to online multiplayer. It kills the need for loadouts and puts Destiny on course to be a multiplayer title for the future. Though, it’s probably not even worth stepping into The Crucible until you’ve hit the later levels. While level differences do not come into effect, the armor and weapons at your disposal definitely can make a difference. It surprises me that, the one thing that feels off and iffy about Destiny is the multiplayer considering Bungie’s heritage. Still, I imagine that will continue to evolve and develop in future updates.

The interface is a little bizarre – as if it’s made for a mouse as opposed to a analog – and clunky. Holding in buttons for overly long periods is a nuisance and not being able to use the trackpad on the DS4 to navigate the menus could, and should, have been implemented, but

End-game seems as if it will be surprisingly detailed and fulfilling. Already, Bungie have released a major 10 hour raid – Vault of Glass – for Level 26 players and have announced another raid for later in the month. There are also tons of daily events and rewards, badges for fulfilling certain criteria, new quests popping up the time, and of course an expansion due before Christmas. Bungie seem absolutely committed to make Destiny a game that keeps on giving, and we’ll definitely be evaluating that content in future patch reviews.

But what we have right now is some genuinely lovely content. Some major boss battles, beautiful environments, freedom to explore and lots of ways to develop your character through sub-classes and abilities. Plus, when you get into it, the PVP is some sound, refreshing stuff, with a lot of potential. Destiny isn’t quite ‘there’ yet, but what we have here is the foundation for a truly new-gen multiplayer experience that will set new standards for years to come.


Stick with us for future content updates and Patch Reviews.

The Good Stuff

  • Truly refreshing multiplayer. Foundations for a genuinely incredible experience
  • Beautiful worlds
  • Regular updates and expansive end-game to keep you coming back.
  • Seamlessness between all modes is exhilarating and keeps gameplay fresh

The Bad Stuff

  • Teamwork feels off. Bungie need to improve the feel of this
  • Story convoluted and occasionally incoherent
  • Clunky menu system and extensive loading
  • No local co-op

Final Analysis

The more time I spend away from Destiny, the more time I want to spend with it. It haunts me. Despite the numerous technical hitches during launch week, Destiny has been received very well. The multiplayer is fulfilling and fresh, everything blends together beautifully, the world is thriving and active. It’s early days for a game like this, but the promise is clear for all to see. Where Destiny goes six months, nine months, even a year from now, is anyone’s guess. While it’s not quite as exciting and heart-pumping as Titanfall’s action, one thing is for sure, Destiny has set itself apart from the pack and will keep me coming back for more again and again!

Technical Competency – 8/10 (Relatively tight functionality throughout)

Graphic/Audio Quality – 9/10 (Beautiful and continuously jaw-dropping)

Entertainment Value – 8/10 (Addictive and refreshing. Can only get better)

Network Stability – 7.5/10 (Regular disconnection issues and latency)


Current Quality Grade – 8/10

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