Deus Ex Mankind Divided has its Breach updated

In somewhat surprising news today, Deus Ex Mankind Divided received an update to the Breach mode which adds new features.

Available now on all formats, players will have a Package Delivery Objective added to the base game where they have to hunt for packages hidden on the map, then deliver them back to HQ.

There’s a new world added to the game, which adds a whopping 9 new maps. In addition, 3 extra maps have been added to existing worlds.

Theres also additional items and weapons, such as energy, HP and memory space boosts, as well as a No Scope Sniper Rifle and a KABOOM Revolver.

On top of some customisable skins, there’s been some improvements to the UI and general fixes to make the experience smoother.

This arcadey puzzle shooter is a fun addition to the game where you infiltrate highly secure severs and use funds to purchase upgrades and equipment.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided hit in August and is an absolutely fantastic RPG, ranking among our favourite games of the year!

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