Diablo 3 Exploiters being exploited

We know it’s hard enough trying to beat Diablo III in Hardcore Mode with the unrelenting, overpowered mobs, and constant threat of death. It’s a bitch and designed to make us suffer.

But that’s not the only problem players are facing.

Should a player happen to join a public game, some griefers have exploited the votekick system. Unfortunately, this causes the ‘Hardcore’ player to die, thus ending their campaign and forcing them to start all over again.

How does it work?

A player who has been kicked by popular vote will be unable to move for 10 seconds while their character is removed from the game. So, when in the middle of a fray, the exploiter uses this tactic to freeze the character. This leaves the character completely vulnerable to a mob attack.

The worst part? The character has no opportunity to fight back, so will likely wind up dead.

Fortunately, Blizzard are onto these ruthless masterminds, and intend to remove the 10 second lockdown altogether. Now players kicked by popular vote will still be able to move and defend themselves, rather than be stuck to a particular spot.

We don’t know when the fix will release, and it’s also unclear whether it will come as part of a larger patch.

Expect more details soon.

(Source: Battle.net) 

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