Disney Dreamlight Valley will soar with Buzz in Toy Story DLC and get Lion King content this year

The first Disney Dreamlight Valley DLC has been revealed and it’ll be centered around Toy Story.

The new early access take on Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing just launched, but as revealed during Disney’s Marvel Showcase, it has a bright future ahead.

The first DLC will be centred around Toy Story and provides players an entire themed realm to explore featuring classic characters like Woody and Buzz.

Among other things, there’ll also be outfits inspired by the cast, and additional goodies for you to collect.

We’ve also learned there will be some Lion King content dropping this year with Scar being added to the game and a continuation of the main story. Much more content is also expected in 2023.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story DLC will launch later this year.

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