DJMAX RESPECT gets new songs in the V Extension Pack DLC

Need more songs for DJMAX Respect, then you’re absolutely in luck.

A brand new V Extension Pack is now available from Neowiz and it’s got some sweet tunes to jam out to.

Twenty new tracks make up this expansion for £15.99 and they include.

  • Attack
  • Do it
  • Dream it
  • Fancy Night
  • FIGHT NIGHT (feat. Calyae)
  • Kensei
  • Lisrim
  • Lost Serenity
  • Lost Temple
  • Maharajah -fenomeno edition-
  • Misty Er’A
  • Move Yourself
  • Never Die
  • Remember Me
  • Space Challenger
  • Vile Requiem
  • WONDER $LOT 777
  • welcome to the space (feat. Jisun)

You can also get exclusive note skin and gear skin with the V Extension Pack.

The DLC is available now.

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