Duck Tales Competition

Ever dreamt of swimming in a sea of gold coins? Pffft, think bigger. Scrooge McDuck has got himself an ocean.

The richest Duck you’ll ever meet, the old measly miser is a Disney legend and served in his own animated TV series many moons ago with his nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie and trusty pilot, Launchpad McQuack, as they continually attempted to thwart big bad, Magica DeSpell and the three Beagle Boys. More importantly to gamers, however, he was also the star of one of the original, great classic platformers, Duck Tales.

In Duck Tales, Scrooge bounces around on a Pogo Stick, travelling the world to collect five exceptionally rare treasures in a bid to become the world’s richest duck.

Those who owned a NES way back when will probably remember the title as one of the greats for the format. Those who didn’t…well…you could be in for a treat.

We’re giving away FIVE COPIES of Duck Tales HD Remastered for Playstation 3 thanks to the lovely team at Capcom. All you have to do is give us your own little Duck Tale…

To win a copy, answer the following question by Friday 5pm BST…

If you had Scrooge McDuck’s fortune, what would you do to the city of Duckberg?

The best five entries will receive a code. Simple!

To get you in the mood, let’s take you on a trip to Duckberg….

And don’t forget to keep checking Expansive DLC. Our full Overview for the game is coming Soo – oohn!

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