Blizzard Releases Details for World Of Warcraft 5.4 Class Changes

Drawing much discussion from the World Of Warcraft ‘hardcore’ Blizzard yesterday released full details of It’s up and coming 5.4 patch for the popular online MMO. The patch itself will include changes for all class types in Mists of Pandaria.

Some of the more controversial tweaks (those boasting the most community discussion) is the alteration to the damage and healing for the Blood Knight, Hunter, Druid and Holy Paladin classes. As mentioned in the patch blog.

I’m not going to get into specific damage or healing tuning unless it requires extra explanation for some reason. In general, you can assume that your damage was too low or too high if you see generic buffs or nerfs to abilities

The full patch details can be found at pages, so for those of you to whom this matters a lot more go take a look! I’m sure there’s plenty to sink you’re teeth into!